Checklist for Quality Assessment Resources

Checklist for Quality Assessment Resources


When choosing assessment resources for your RTO, it is essential to ensure they meet certain standards to ensure they are compliant and effective. Here is a comprehensive checklist to check the quality of assessment resources:


  • Does the assessment resource comply with the relevant training package and unit of competency requirements?
  • Is the assessment resource consistent with the principles of assessment and rules of evidence?
  • Is the assessment resource up-to-date with any changes to legislation, regulations or industry standards?


  • Are the assessment instructions clear and easy to understand for both the assessor and the learner?
  • Are the assessment tasks and questions clearly defined and linked to the performance criteria of the unit of competency?
  • Is the language used in the assessment resource appropriate for the intended audience?


  • Does the assessment resource effectively measure the skills and knowledge required by the unit of competency?
  • Are the assessment tasks relevant to the industry and workplace requirements?
  • Do the assessment tasks accurately assess the learners’ ability to apply their knowledge and skills in a real-world setting?


  • Does the assessment resource produce consistent and repeatable results?
  • Are the assessment tasks and criteria clearly defined to ensure consistency in assessment outcomes?
  • Are the assessment tasks able to be objectively marked and assessed?


  • Do the assessment tasks simulate real workplace tasks or scenarios?
  • Are the assessment tasks realistic and relevant to the industry and job role?
  • Are the assessment tasks able to measure the learners’ ability to perform tasks in a real-world setting?


  • Are the assessment tasks and resources up-to-date with the latest industry practices and trends?
  • Are the assessment tasks and resources relevant to the current job market and industry requirements?
  • Are the assessment tasks and resources reflective of current legislation and regulations?


  • Are the assessment resources able to be customized to meet the specific needs of your RTO?
  • Is the assessment resource able to be modified to align with your RTO’s branding and policies?
  • Can the assessment resource be adapted to meet the needs of learners with additional needs or from diverse backgrounds?


  • Does the assessment resource come with support documentation or user guides?
  • Is there support available from the assessment resource provider if required?
  • Are there opportunities for professional development or training for assessors to effectively use the assessment resource?

By using this comprehensive checklist, you can ensure that the assessment resources you choose for your RTO are of high quality, compliant, and effective in measuring the skills and knowledge of your learners.

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