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Assessment Kit-MSF30313 Certificate III in Timber and Composites Machining

Assessment Kit-MSF30313 Certificate III in Timber and Composites Machining

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Our assessment resources contain everything you need to begin assessing your learners.

Our assessment resources include:
  • Assessment Pack (Student)
  • Trainer Assessment Pack (Marking Guide)
  • Mapping for each unit of competency
  • Assessment Record Tools

Our assessment resources have been aligned to learner cohorts, industry needs and ACSF indicated levels. In order to achieve this, we have conducted:
  • Industry consultation
  • Robust validations
  • Assessment of best practice holistic delivery

We provide all documents to you in Microsoft Word format, so you can easily customise them as required. Our assessment resources can be used for an unlimited number of students within your RTO. Don't forget about our QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE!

Core units
MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
MSMWHS200 Work safely
MSMSUP102 Communicate in the workplace
MSMSUP106 Work in a team
MSFFM2001 Use furniture making sector hand and power tools
MSFFM2010 Set up and operate basic static machines
MSFFM3009 Produce manual and computer-aided production drawings
MSFFM3010 Prepare cutting list from plans and job specifications
MSFGN2001 Make measurements and calculations
MSFGN3001 Read and interpret work documents
MSFGN3002 Estimate and cost job
Elective units
MSFFF2004 Prepare surfaces for finishing
MSFFM2002 Assemble furnishing components
MSFFM2004 Apply sheet laminates by hand
MSFFM2007 Follow plans to assemble production furniture
MSFFM2011 Apply manufactured board conversion techniques
MSFFDT4009 Set up, operate and maintain basic static woodworking machines for furniture designs
MSFFM2005 Join solid timber
MSFFM3008 Select timbers for furniture production
MSFFM3014 Set up, operate and maintain joining machines
MSFFM3015 Set up, operate and maintain planing and finishing machines
MSFFM3016 Set up, operate and maintain multi-head planing and moulding machines
MSFFM3017 Set up, operate and maintain routing and shaping machines
MSTGN4012 Fabricate or machine tooling
MEM07001B Perform operational maintenance of machines/equipment
MEM14003B Undertake basic production scheduling
MEM18001C Use hand tools
  • This qualification will include the pre-selected units as listed above.
  • Upon request, we can develop additional elective units that are not currently listed.
  • If you wish to make any elective changes, kindly reach out to us at before placing your order.
  • Please note that any elective changes involving units that are currently unavailable may result in additional charges to cover development costs.
  • Please note that the quantity of units delivered will correspond to the number of units included in the training product on

For delivery timeframes on Pre-Order units and qualifications, please contact us at or call us on 1800 266 160.